About IMJC

Intergalactic Medical and Justice Corps The Intergalactic Medical and Justice Corps is an autonomous,  humanitarian federation chartered for the protection of all life on all planets in the galaxy.

Like many ideas which have gone on to change the course of human history, the Intergalactic Medical and Justice Corps was first suggested by a work of fiction, actually two works of fiction. The Lensmen Series, by E. E. Doc Smith, introduced the Galactic Patrol – an intergalactic law enforcement agency which brought jsutice to the Milky Way and beyond, and the Old Doc Methuselah stories, by L. Ron Hubbard, brought us the Soldiers of Light – a galactic medical organization bringing succor to the sick throughout the stars. These works, written before even the advent of interplanetary, much less interstellar, travel never-the-less planted the seeds which hundreds of years later became the IMJC.

Originally founded in the mid-twenty-fourth century as a medical relief organization like the Red Cross, the IMC assembled medical personnel and knowledge from all the inhabited planets for use in the ever growing numbers of epidemics caused by disease organisms from one planet making their way to others.

Forty years later, the Justice arm was added as criminals used planetary jurisdictional limitations to escape punishment. Like the real Texas Rangers of old Earth, or the fictional Galactic Patrol, the now IMJC Rangers were given unlimited powers to enforce the law within galaxy. The only caveat being the crime must be interplanetary in nature and their help must be requested.

The IMJC (often pronounced imjak) patrols the galaxy in eight Sector ships. Each a mobile hospital complex, replete with fully equipped hospital shuttles and Ranger patrol ships, the Sector ships ensure the safety and health of all citizens of the galaxy.