The Chronicler

Ron Penner

Chronicler, Ron Penner. This is my author picture, for some reason it was recommend I have it taken holding a pipe.

Ron Penner learned to talk before age two and was telling stories by the time he was three. None, of course were published, or even remembered, but he did receive great accolades. He was named the “biggest liar on the block”.

As the years went by his lying became storytelling, the distinction apparently being Storytelling is more entertaining and less self-serving. He also began the adventure of reading.

He read everything he could get from The Weekly Reader Book Club, the Morton Grove Public Library and whatever other source he could find. He became a good friend to the likes of Tom Swift, Lazarous Long, John Carter and many others.

At one point in his life, Mr. Penner considered becoming an historian, but gave it up due to a problem remembering things that had happened in the past. Fortunately, he found he had an excellent memory for events which had happened in the future. And thus he presents his recollections of the lives of his good friends Rangers Luke Anthony and Dave Simmons and their adventures in the Intergalactic Medical and Justice corps.

Mr. Penner is married, no children (I don’t breed in captivity.) and is a partner in CityCenter Co., a Pasadena California website development company. He is also freelances as a chef for several LA based catering companies, including Anne Apra Events and Timeless Celebrations.